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Hands on with Synology’s RT2600ac monster Wi-Fi router

The Synology RT2600ac Wi-Fi router is sold at $229.95. This router is perfect for business. It has 4 changeable antennas will never let the unit disappear into your equipment, or contend for fashion facts with many of the original “cute” units in the router market. But it transports intense network presentation, computer-like UI, a powerful, and some of the very greatest Wi-Fi coverage I’ve seen from a single device.
The device is easy to setup and configure. Aside from fastening the antennas (4) onto the improper and plugging it in, original setup can be done finished by the router’s setup wizard what is easy to use. One simple touch is that it requests you correct gone whether you are organizing it as a router or an entree point, so you do not have to fence finished hoops to usage it as an AP. In my tests, it rapidly recognized our 2 ISPs, a cable company and U-Verse, routinely. It also wires PPPoE and numerous manual IP configuration choices. Once set up, configuration and management is done complete a powerful, desktop-like, easy web interface. On the back side of the device has the power switch, a WAN port, 4 LAN ports, power jack, a USB 3.0v port, and a reset button.

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